Website down? FIX IT FAST.

Instant text messages, email alerts, and dashboard. Never lose a sale or customer again.

Instant Text Alert

Next time your website goes down, we’ll send a text message instantly to your phone. Know if your site goes down on-the-go.


Email Alerts

Additionally, we’ll also send you an email notification. Receive instant email notifications next time your website goes down.


Server Dashboard

Log into the server dashboard  to view your servers/website’s last check, uptime, latency, and historical charts.


Team Integration

Add additional team members and websites to your plan. Ensure any problems are fixed with extra redundancy and speed.


Get organized in unorganized times.

When your website or server goes down, teams scramble. Get organized with multiple team members on your notification plan.


1440 checks performed everyday on your site.

Every 60 seconds, we’ll perform a check on your website to make sure it’s up and running. If it’s unresponsive after 2 checks, we’ll let you know.

We’ll send you instant text alerts.

Whether you are at your desk or on-the-go, you’ll be able to receive alerts from us when your website goes down. You’ll be the first to know. We offer unlimited text alerts on our plans.


We’ll send you instant email alerts.

Once your server or website is down, our system will automatically send out an email alert to your email address. With multiple team members, email notifications can be sent to multiple email addresses.


Your Server Uptime Dashboard

The Server Uptime Dashboard provides insight into latency, uptime, last check, and site historical charts.

Card View

View the status of all your servers in one location. Includes the website, last check, last time offline, and current latency.

List View

See a listview of all your servers, along with the different methods of alerts you have set up.

Historical View

Chart up to 365 days of server historical data targeting latency and uptime.


Whether you have one website or many, we have you covered with our pricing options. Additionally, if you have more than 12 properties that need website monitoring, please get in touch for custom pricing.

More than 12 websites?

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